Design Indaba Durban Simulcast Social Media Activation

Portfolio Categories: Events, Illustration and Personal Work.

For the 2019 Design Indaba Durban simulcast, which took place at the Plant Venue Co around the corner from my studio, I pitched the idea of creating a mini activation to increase interaction, awareness and attendance for then event. My idea was that people can post a photo of themselves to their Instagram stories tagging Design Indaba, the venue and me, I’d then take the photo they shared and pimp it out with some illustrations onto it and send it back to them.

The benefits:
• They get a cool photo of themselves to use as they please and to share again on their stories or posts
• The venue and simulcast event get increased exposure and attendance
• I get to create a fun self-initiated project, play around with a different style, and get some exposure

It definitely created a bit of hype and was a success. I had to juggle watching the simulcast, completing as many illustrations as possible and sharing them in real time, watching the interaction and engaging on social media, which was a lot to do at once, but lots of fun! Watch the before and after animations below…